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Prevailing Love, The StoryPrevailing Love, The Story

This book is about love. A love one man had for a woman during their dating and married life of over twenty-seven years. A love that was tested and almost destroyed because of her emotional and mental challenges. It was a love that provided a foundation upon which our heavenly Father would build a love that was so strong and unwavering that it enabled him to love and care for her during the last nine years of her life which were dominated by dementia and her eventual death from cancer. $12.95 + S&H.



A Sacred Bond

A Sacred Bond

God does have a plan for marriage. It is not an afterthought on His part but it is the apex of His creation. He has designed a marital relationship and any attempt to build a marriage without following that design is to invite failure. In this teaching booklet a husband and wife will be introduced to that design. Should they honestly receive the instruction and apply it in their marital relationship, it will change their life and their marital relationship. $8.00 each + S&H.




Is This The One? Is This The One?

This booklet answers such questions as:

  • How do I know who to go out with?
  • What should I look for in another person?
  • Should the person I date have the same qualities as the one I want to marry?
  • Does God want me to understand His Word and how it applies to dating and marriage?

If you are a single Christian and dating someone—or thinking about it—you need to read Is This The One? In addition to answering questions like those listed above, it provides additional, valuable information to consider. Avoiding plunging into a dating relationship before you are ready for one can save you many sleepless nights and heartaches. $8.00 each + S&H.



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